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Adult Mental Health (MH) Outpatient Services (OP)

Phoenix Health Center is here to help you or your loved ones get the help and treatment necessary to live a healthy and independent life. Our Adult Mental Health Program offers a wide range of options that help us to identify which services best fit a client’s needs. These services include mental health screening, admission, assessment, treatment, or referral to other Phoenix Health Center services or services beyond our scope.

We provide a range of culturally and linguistically appropriate outpatient services in order to give our clients a personally tailored treatment and education program, with the goal of developing the skills necessary to function in the community. We also believe that family education and support are essential components of successful treatment.

Our programs offer comprehensive, coordinated, and defined services that vary according to need. Together with our clients, we strive to identify and provide the most effective treatment, designed specifically for each individual’s unique needs.

Adult Addictive Disease (AD) Outpatient Services

The road to substance abuse recovery may feel overwhelming, but our WTRS OP program is designed to help our clients successfully conquer addiction issues and live healthy, productive lives. Our main goal in this program is to remove substance abuse as a barrier to employment or parenting.

The average length of stay in the WTRS OP program is three to twelve months, and it is divided into a three-phase system. While here, clients participate in intensive group training, parenting classes, HIV education, and supportive employment. Additionally, we provide random urine drug screening and diagnostic, physician, and nursing assessment. After the successful completion of phase two, clients step down to an aftercare program.

Our WTRS OP program is here to help all our clients beat the battle of addiction, empowering every individual with the tools and skills needed to re-join society with courage and confidence. Together, we are RECOVERY.

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