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Phoenix Center offers an array of residential options for our clients who need a supportive and structured environment due to a substance use disorder.

AD Intensive Residential Service provides a planned regimen of 24-hour observation, monitoring, treatment and recovery supports utilizing a multi-disciplinary staff.

This intensive level of residential service maintains a basic rehabilitative focus on early recovery skills, including education on the negative impact of substances, tools for developing support, and relapse prevention skills.

The focus of a community housing setting is to address our clients’ desires, goals, strengths, abilities, needs, health, and safety. The residences in which services are provided may be owned, rented, leased or operated directly by the organization or a third party, such as a governmental entity. Providers exercise control over these sites.

Community housing is provided in partnership with individuals. These services are designed to assist our clients in achieving success in and satisfaction with community living. They may be temporary or long term in nature, depending on the needs of the client. The services are focused on home and community integration and engagement in productive activities.

Community housing enhances the independence, dignity, personal choice, and privacy of our clients. For clients in alcohol and other drug rehabilitation programs, these services provide sober living environments to increase likelihood of sobriety and abstinence and to decrease the potential for relapse.

Community housing may include either or both of the following:

  • Transitional living that provides interim supports and services for persons who are at risk of institutional placement, persons transitioning from institutional settings, or persons who are homeless. Transitional living can be offered in apartments or homes, or in congregate settings that may be larger then residence typically found in the community.
  • Supported community living or assistance to obtain safe, affordable and stable housing.

Group Home

Phoenix Center’s Intensive Residential Support Program provides 24-hour staff supervision for the chronic mentally ill as a community-based alternative to institutional living arrangements.

The goal of this program is to provide training to clients so that there is hope for placement in a less restrictive setting. Objectives include: reducing negative symptomatology, improving socialization, communication, and daily living skills, promoting development of healthier coping skills, improving emotional health, and enhancing overall quality of life. We strive to transition clients from these services to less restrictive modalities and locate safe and affordable housing.